Artist Bio

Fresh 30something year old “talent”, witty, vibrant and always peculiar he is someone that doesn´t like to be described by styles or genres.
Having spent a lifetime in clubs, lived in London for a decade and now happily settled in Barcelona, he has been influenced by many music movements and DJs that
shaped his personal approach towards the dancefloor. “Be strange, unpredictable but make the people move…”

He is the co-owner of the Kommuna crew that is based in Barcelona and has hosted well respected legends of the scene like XDB, Vera, S-Max, Future Beat Aliance
and the latest top players of the circuit like Andrew James Gustav, Laurine, Nicola Kazimir, Z@p and Domenico Rosa. Through a series of events and residencies at various clubs
in Barcelona the crew has gained recognition from the scene for their special music selection and diverse mixes.

Building up on a record collection of house, techno, breaks and everything in between pekkuliar´s sets are straight to the point with a balanced mix of intensity, intelligence, euphoria and a pinch of
“WTF” for good measure…

Doesn’t dig the term “artist” and doesn’t take anything too seriously…it´s all been said and done before so let the music do the talking!