Artist Bio

A keen ear for obscure and curious sounds from a young age, has led Luis Malon to the path he takes today. Born in Maldonado, Uruguay, he plays an integral part in the community of high quality artists that are discovered in this corner of the world. South America’s music scene comes with culture, tasteful variety, and raw talent, particularly in Uruguay. Malon fits all of the above criteria, and then some. Spending six years studying piano and harmony closer to home, soon his journey will continue in Barcelona. This is simply a reiteration of what this thriving artist will achieve.
Following electronic music for sixteen years, it never seemed a possibility to be producing such diverse rhythms, gaining appreciation across the board from diggers worldwide. Spanning across electro tipped genres with several successful releases on respected labels, firstly on Slow Life, a highly recognised release on El Milagro records from his native country, and most recently featuring on the ‘Elektropia’ VA the debut release on London based OPIA Records.
Often found performing his live sets in the respected underground hub in Uruguay, Phonotheque, recent years have seen a branch out for the young artist taking his technology around the world playing in France, and at Berlin’s Hoppetosse. Only a certain bracket of artists are able to perform live to a crowd and make it work. Luis injects the dancefloor with his passion and eccentric sound, mysterious and thought provoking but will no doubt move you at the same time.