Artist Bio

Audri is a true music lover. His passion for music started at a very young age. In earlier life, he was deeply influenced by the late 90’s music scene of Naples. Audri went on to play around his home town and later made the move to London. Audri continued to follow his passion, which led him to Berlin. Out of respect for music, Audri decided he would perfect his craft rather then delve deeper into the scene prematurely. He began to improve his music production,selection and vinyl djing. In 2016, Audri released his first record entitled “Coming From Reality EP”, which was released on YAY recordings. This was an outstanding techno record that hit the charts and made a remarkable debut. This record is an effort to escape from the usual default patterns and standards. Audri created mesmerising techno sounds, deep emotional pads weaved together alongside real analog drum machines sounds from the likes of the Roland Tr 808 and the Mpc 2000 XL.
In 2017, Audri released his second record entitled “House Delight EP “, which was released on Imprints Records. For this EP Audri switched focus, offering a 3 track house record that tiptoes the fine line between futurism Detroit style Techno and melodious Deep House. This record, like the first, went on to be quite successful and was a showcase of Audri’s talent and versatility. Audri is one of a few artists who can transition comfortably between genres. This is reflective in both his music and DJ sets.